Picture8Members may be admitted to the Committee as expert members, associate members, non-ICOMOS members, institutional members and honorary members.

Article IV of the Eger - Xi'an Principles applies to membership of the Committee.


  • Expert members may be nominated by ICOMOS National Committees or other Scientific Committees or may be self-nominated. Self-nominations must be accompanied by two supporting letters of recommendation from ICOMOS members to whom the nominee is personally known. Nominations by a National Committee or Scientific Committee must be accompanied by a supporting statement including that Committee's assessment of the nominee against the criteria in Clause 5(3)(b) below. All nominations must be accompanied by the nominee's letter of interest and curriculum vitae.
  • Expert members must demonstrate competency in the area of the Committee's work through a minimum of ten years of relevant professional experience, education and training, and must commit to active participation in the work of the Committee.
  • Nominations for expert membership will be assessed by a membership sub-committee consisting of the Secretary and two other members of the Bureau, who will review the material submitted by the nominees (and where applicable by other Scientific or National Committees) against the criteria in Article 5(3)(b) above, and submit their recommendations to the Bureau. The sub-committee may request additional information from the nominee or the nominator(s) if it considers that the material submitted with the nomination is insufficient to demonstrate compliance with these criteria.
  • If, after considering the recommendations of the membership sub-committee, the Bureau decides that a nominee does not meet the criteria for expert membership, it must advise the nominee and the nominator(s) of its decision in writing and set out the reasons for the decision.
  • A nominee or National or Scientific Committee that is dissatisfied with the Bureau's decision on admission as an expert member may request that the application be reconsidered by the full Committee or referred to the Scientific Council for a decision.
  • The Bureau has the right to withdraw the membership of an expert member who is found to have committed an action likely to bring the Committee into disrepute, or to be in breach of the ICOMOS Ethical Commitment Statement, or not to have attended three consecutive Annual Meetings of the Committee without due cause. The member in question shall have the right of appeal against the Bureau's decision to the Executive Committee of ICOMOS.


Individuals who do not meet the criteria for expert membership may be admitted as associate members. Associate members may be considered for expert membership after three years.


Non-ICOMOS members may be invited to participate in meetings and activities of the Committee, and may be admitted to membership of the Committee if so resolved by a majority of votes of the expert members at a meeting of the Committee. Non-ICOMOS members will have no voting rights and will be ineligible for membership of the Bureau.


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